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Son and grandson of German immigrants, Larry was brought up in Villa Park, Illinois, west of Chicago, and graduated from University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.

In 1971, after obtaining his degree, he set out on an adventure. That adventure continues to this day. He initially settled in Colorado and spent the next forty years there.

In 2010, Larry moved to Georgia and during a moment of boredom and homesickness for the mountains, he decided to become an historical researcher, author, and avocational archaeologist. To him it was the next obvious chapter of the adventure, as he knew practically nothing about the area to which he had moved.

Since that decision, Larry has intensely researched early Cherokee County, Georgia history and has written six books: 

  • The Hidden History of Lake Allatoona
  • The Curious Disappearance of Fort Buffington
  • Dautzenleins: Making Sense of Things
  • Trail of Tears Round-up Routes: Fort Buffington and Sixes Encampment to Fort Wool at New Echota
  • Investigating the Legend: Curious Documents Echo Ominous Warnings from the Past
  • Seeking the Origins of the Trail of Tears

His quests to locate the lost site of Fort Buffington and local Trail of Tears routes have been featured in newspaper and magazine articles. 

Larry writes and speaks about the value of understanding history. Through Vogt-Dautzenlein Historical Research, he works to recover and document our lost heritage. Check out his website at dautzenlein.com.

Larry Vogt, historical researcher, author, and avocational archaeologist, will discuss some of his research work, methods, and remote sensing technologies, like LIDAR. He will also briefly address new evidence about Fort Buffington, one of the two 1838 Cherokee Removal forts, located in Cherokee County. There will be discussions about historical connections between the Milton area; the Cherokee Nation; early settlers; the Trail of Tears; and two early ferries on the Chattahoochee River.

‍ A Question and Answer period will follow.

Please note: Attendees will receive $5.00 off any of Mr. Vogt’s books available at the meeting.

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