The Milton Historical Society’s mission is to appreciate and promote our past through education, preservation and exploration.


Founded in 2018, is a community of history lovers dedicated to exploring, preserving and sharing the multifaceted, yet little known history of Milton, Georgia. Through research projects, acquiring historical artifacts, historical markers, public lectures and online communication, our Society strives to make local history relevant and enlightening to all.

Help preserve Milton’s history for future generations by becoming a Patron or Corporate Sponsor of the Milton Historical Society – a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Supporting the Society promotes the study of local history and deepens our understanding of the diverse stories that define our past. For information on how to become a Patron or Corporate Sponsor of the Milton Historical Society, please contact Jeff Dufresne at President@MiltonHistoricalSociety-Georgia.org.

Knowledge of our past gives us insights into our own culture and helps us make better decisions in the present. I am proud to be a Family Patron of the Milton Historical Society.  The Milton Historical Society has contributed greatly to our community in just a few short years, and I look forward to working with them in the years ahead.”

Peyton Jamison, Mayor of the City of Milton

“The history of our city is a precious asset. I applaud the Milton Historical Society for its dedication to the preservation and promotion of our past.  Knowledge of history helps us make sound decisions in the future.”

Joe Lockwood, Former Mayor of the City of Milton, 2006-2021

“I am proud of the role the Milton Historical Society plays in preserving the story of Milton’s past and chronicling current events for the benefit of future generations. Our shared history deserves vibrant discussion and interpretation. I urge everyone to support the work of our historical society.”

Adam Orkin, Co-founder Crabapple Market

Our community is experiencing unprecedented growth that will improve the lives of current and future residents.At the same time, we should not lose sight of the history that has made our success possible.The Milton Historical Society plays a vital role in preserving our story.

John Herbert, Founder, Milton Business Council

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Milton, GA 30004

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