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Confessions of a History Lover

By Jeff Dufresne, President and Founding Member of the Milton Historical Society           

Looking back at my childhood school days, I must confess that I was one of those students that sat in the back of the classroom and thought history class was a drag. What’s the point of learning about a bunch of names, places and dates about past events and people long dead.

Now in my third trimester of life, I’ve learned that history matters.

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From its inception, the mission of the Milton Historical Society has been to compile knowledge of the past and share historical information with the community. Educational pursuits include:

The Society regularly shares historical content with the community through our quarterly newsletters, Facebook page and popular lecture series typically hosted in Crabapple.

Development of 28 historical markers under the auspices of the City of Milton. The markers recognize the homesteads of early area settlers and other historic sites.  Sites were also mapped and are featured on the City of Milton’s website. VIEW MAP OF HISTORICAL MARKERS NOW


The Milton Historical Society has a growing library, and a large archive of local photographs, family genealogies, news articles, and other items that are useful tools for historical research. Preservation items include:

Foster-Pearson Deeds

Our collection includes 35 early farmland deeds dating back to the1832 gold lottery.

Aubrey Morris Collection

(Courtesy of Tera Morris)

Our library contains donated copies of 140 news articles by the local historian and journalist. The articles are scanned and archived for future research. 

Broadwell Building Mural

We support the preservation of buildings, objects and artifacts of historic significance, such as the restoration of the Broadwell Building mural organized by the Rucker family.


Special projects explore and document the history of Milton for future generations. Understanding events and daily life in the past provides context for our lives today.

GIS mapping 28 Milton cemeteries added to the City of Milton’s website that depicts historic sites. This work includes descriptions and photographs of the cemeteries on church as well as private property. VIEW MAP OF CEMETERIES NOW

Ongoing in-depth research into the life of John Milton, Georgia’s first secretary of state and namesake of Old Milton County as well as the current city. John Milton was a hero of the Revolutionary War who saved the records of the State of Georgia from falling into the hands of the British.

Milton Historical Society

Board of Directors

Jeff Dufresne, President

Carl Jackson, Vice President

Joan Borzilleri, Secretary

Lynn Tinley, PhD, Treasurer

Mary Cronk, Membership

Mark Amick

Director Emeritus

Bob Meyers


Kathy Beck

James Farris

Byron Foster

Bill Lusk

Robert Sorcabal

Connie Mashburn

Resident Historian

Amy and Mark Amick

Josephine and Jeff Dufresne

Felton Anderson Herbert *

Johnny Herbert

Bill Lusk

Robert Meyers

Adam Orkin

Charlie Roberts

Sarah Roberts

Donna Savas

Marsha and Kevin Spear

Karen Thurman

* Additional $250 donated in honor of Robert Meyers


Mark Amick

Kathy and Philip Beck

Joan Borzilleri

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Josephine and Jeff Dufresne

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